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customer relationship management using OSIRIS

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CRM sends the right message

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is as much about technology as it is about customers – but not in that order.  It means making sure your technology serves your customers, not the other way around.

A good CRM tool uses new technology to improve your business's sales, marketing, supply channel management and customer service processes, with the focus always on your customers.

The right CRM software also ensures your customers receive a single, coherent, positive message about your business and its products and services.  It enables you to deliver what they need, when they need it.

How OSIRIS CRM works

The OSIRIS CRM application uses a few simple concepts with some simple relationships to provide a framework that represents your customers' business environments, and tracks all your interactions with them.

OSIRIS CRM creates a thread of interaction that ties together in time order all the interactions anyone in your organisation has with each customer, infact with every stakeholder.

Each thread also maintains the customer's contact information and any other general or specific information you need.

OSIRIS CRM provides the threads of information to tie together your whole organisation to provide optimal service levels in a scalable approach.  Throw out that hard to manage paper diary and relax away from the job, knowing that nothing will fall through the cracks.


Contact tracking: Creates an organisational structure model for each organisation your business interacts with.  Simply enter people's names into the hierarchy and track them as they move around.
Personalised threads: Every user has their own preference setup, their own sequential thread of interactions and personal ‘to do’ list with items scheduled by time and priority.
Task scheduling: Convenient buttons to schedule a thread for attention at specific times in the future - tomorrow, next week, next month – in a cumulative manner.
Correspondence tracking: Keeps all your correspondence with each contact in the thread of interactions with that contact.  The most sensible way to file emails, faxes and document source files.
Classification and search: Global keyword index for fast location of threads, documents or individual notes of a contact.  Also classifies each organisation and contact using the global categories system, providing a neat and simple way of managing workflow and queuing in complex processes such as sales and tracking specific marketing campaigns.
Automatic time recording: Allows for billing of support and costing of individual sales or campaigns.  An additional cost field is provided for additional specific costs.
Telephone integration: Provides single button dialing from a contact page and automatic location of a contact page using caller ID upon answering a call.
Fully animated: User interface up to date at the last key press or mouse movement for all information.  A truly collaborative working environment.
Document templates: Templates can be set up to be populated with information from a contact header providing automatic generation of new correspondence, speeding up the provision of a follow up written response from a phone call.
Customised: Add additional tabbed pages behind every contact to keep track of your specific product information for each client.  This combines with general contact information to allow custom report scripting.


The fine-grained OSIRIS security system means that in the CRM application individual threads, whole hierarchies or even individual notes can be restricted to a user or user group.  Anything that is not readable by a user is not shown and is not accessible.  Specific users or groups can be allowed to add new information but not to change existing information.

The OSIRIS client server facility provides a safe and secure mechanism for sharing your information over the public internet directly.  No VPN is required.  The OSIRIS client has full 128 bit encryption capability that is always on, encrypting all protocol levels above TCP/IP.  All you need to access your information is any dialup internet connection.

The low bandwidth requirements of the OSIRIS client are ideal for wireless and GPRS connections.


more than messaging